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Your brand new website has just been launched, it looks fantastic and everyone loves it.

You diligently work on your new blog every day, producing amazing content and slowly but surely climb up the Google rankings.

It is then that you realise you have created a monster, your website has become insatiable, devouring content as fast as you can create it.  You now have hundreds of pictures in your media library but your blog is demanding more, every article you write needs quality images to make your words come to life.

Well, don’t panic, there are some amazing free stock image websites out there, that provide incredible photos, images and videos for commercial use, under the umbrella of a Creative Commons Licence, which means you are free to use them on your website.

At the Graphic Assembly, we love great imagery and we love it even more when it’s free, so let us share some of the best sites on the world wide web for copyright-free images, that will add that touch of professionalism to your site.


stunning royalty free images

pixabay stunning royalty free images

Pixabay is just one of those websites that never seems to let you down when you are searching for that perfect image. Thanks to the generosity of some very talented photographers, the standard of photography on this site is very high indeed.

Then again what if an illustration or video clip would better suit your article? Have no fear, Pixabay has you covered with thousands of quality illustrations and stock video clips.

Pixabay is probably the only source of free quality imagery that you will ever need.  Bookmark it and start using this incredible resource today.


best free stock images in one place

pexels best free stock images in one place

Copyright licenses can often be difficult to understand, even with Creative Commons licenses, sometimes you can only use images for personal projects, sometimes you have to credit the photographer by providing an attribution link and sometimes you are not allowed to modify or change the image in any way.

Pexels take all of this confusion away from the end-user by providing a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which means you can use images for commercial projects and you can modify and alter images.  You don’t have to provide any attribution, uncomplicated bliss

Negative Space

free high resolution stock images

Another free site that takes advantage of the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, is the imaginatively titled Negative Space website.

Negative Space not only offer superb quality images with no restrictions but all of the downloads are available at extremely high resolution, so they are not only useful for websites but also for your next print project,  Well worth checking out.


quirky, creative, always free photos

gratisography quirky creative royalty free photographs

If your website is slightly out of the ordinary then you will require images that are also slightly quirky and whimsical. Well, Gratisgraphy will definitely not disappoint.

All of the photos are the work of extremely talented visual artist Ryan McGuire, who adds images to the website on an almost weekly basis. Superbly crazy images that will certainly make your blog posts pop with originality.

Foodie Factor

delicious free food stock photography

With a huge menu of over 1,200 yummy food and drink pics, the Foodie Factor should be able to dish up that perfect à la carte pic for your next scrumptious blog post.

All pics are free to use for both personal and commercial projects and signing up to the Foodie Factor Newsletter will guarantee you are sent fresh, tasty foodie pics every week.

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