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Web site design and building has changed dramatically over the last ten years or so, back in the day in order to get your web site launched you had to be an expert coder well versed in the dark arts of HTML and CSS, which could take years to truly master.

Nowadays, thanks to platforms such as WordPress, anyone can build a professional-looking web site or blog in days.

Thanks to its plethora of themes and plugins, many of which are free, WordPress allows even the most technically challenged of would-be webmasters the opportunity to have a voice on the World Wide Web.

WordPress, however, comes in two distinct flavours, there is the free blogging platform available at wordpress.com, which is similar to Blogger in the way it works and is not really suitable if you are going to take your web site or blog up to a professional standard, as any site you ever build there will always be at the discretion of wordpress.com and always owned by them, it also has many other limitations which will hold you back in the long term.

What we need to build a kick-ass web site is the totally free WordPress script, which can be downloaded from wordpress.org, this will allow you the freedom to build your own web site or blog, totally owned by you, which can be nurtured and improved for years to come.

All of the courses on this page will show you how to download and use this WordPress script to maximum effect and will get you up to speed quickly, building web sites and blogs faster than you ever thought possible.

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WordPress for Beginners Course

master WordPress today

Building a WordPress website is easier than you think but learning how to do it yourself from scratch can often lead to many hours of frustration and dead ends when you simply do not know what to do next.

Andrew Williams, WordPress and SEO expert, has been teaching people how to build awesome WordPress blogs for many years, so if you want to learn how to build a beautiful looking website without any prior knowledge whatsoever and without the need to learn complicated code, then this is the only WordPress course you will ever need.

Andrew’s over the shoulder teaching style is so easy to follow that you could have your first website up and running and looking great by the end of today.

This comprehensive WordPress course consists of eighty-nine step by step lectures and eight and a half hours of easy to follow video tutorials and with almost thirty-two and a half thousand students already enrolled and happily publishing money making web sites, why aren’t you?

The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

run your own website design business

The complete WordPress Website Business Course is the course you need to learn all the skills necessary to run your own successful WordPress Consultancy business.

Use your new-found expertise to create beautiful, modern websites for clients and create future income through website hosting, care and maintenance plans.

Your instructors are Greg Davis and Rob Percival who will lead you through more than twenty hours of video instruction and practical project-based learning.

The course is aimed at anyone looking to take advantage of the huge demand for WordPress experts but without learning to code or use programming languages to get results.

After completing the course you will be able to take advantage of free and inexpensive tools to create modern websites for clients and yourself as well as support those sites and clients with website care plans and consulting for ongoing recurring revenue.

WordPress Complete Web Design

latest WordPress design techniques

If you want to master web design with the most up to date techniques on the market then the WordPress Complete Web Design Course could be the course for you.

In this course you will learn how to create a clean, creative and modern design in a very quick and easy way, using the Elementor Page Builder, a comprehensive drag and drop tool, designed to make creating web pages in WordPress an absolute breeze.

Create email opt-in forms, image sliders, counters and progress bars to make your site look ultra-professional. Learn how to create an eCommerce store, including tax, shipping and most importantly sales information so you can start profiting from your new website almost immediately.

This in-depth course will also guide you through setting up your site on a secure server and how to do site backups for peace of mind.