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Elementor is a page builder plugin for WordPress that has revolutionised web design, especially for non-coder designers.

According to web technology survey firm W3Techs, WordPress now powers approximately 30% of the entire web but before the advent of Elementor using the WordPress platform for web design could prove limiting for designers due to WordPress’s reliance on themes. To get a theme to look and behave exactly as the designer wanted meant messing around with PHP code and CSS, so if you weren’t well versed in the dark art of programming you were completely reliant on your WordPress theme to represent the look of your web site.

On June 1st 2016, Pojo Themes announced the first release of the Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress, which enabled web designers to create web pages using simple drag and drop building blocks and then style these blocks visually, directly within the Elementor interface.

The plugin proved to be hugely popular amongst WordPress users and updates for Elementor came thick and fast, improving its functionality and popularity with each update. However, there was still one major drawback, even when using Elementor it was still proving tricky to wrench complete control away from the web sites theme. The theme still dictated how headers and footers appeared in the browser and influenced other aspects of a site’s design.

Then on April 16th 2018, Elementor announced the introduction of Elementor 2.0 and the long-awaited theme builder capabilities of the plugin. At long last, it was now possible to create an entire WordPress web site visually without any complicated code. Truly a dream come true for designers who just wanted to create beautiful web sites and not get bogged down with programming languages.

Since then Elementor continues to dominate the WordPress page builder market, despite WordPress itself introducing its own visual page editor Gutenberg, which is still way behind the capabilities of Elementor.

What started out as a simple to use page builder plugin, has now become a complete web site design suite of tools, still simple to use once you get into how everything works but the sheer plethora of options can prove intimidating to the novice user. Fortunately, there is a wealth of instruction and tutorials now available to the rookie web designer and the Graphic Assembly has already found the best Elementor tutors to get you up to speed fast, so in no particular order, we present our favourite Elementor tutors and tutorials.

Official Elementor Training Guides

by Elementor

As you would expect with a premium plugin of the quality of Elementor, the documentation and tutorials that support this popular page builder are both highly professional, informative and will get you up to speed fast.

Beginners will learn how to download and install Elementor seamlessly into their WordPress web site and start building web pages almost immediately.

Intermediate and advanced users are also catered for with Elementors ever-growing library of both written and video tutorials that cover every aspect of this award-winning application.

Sample Elementor training videos:

Introducing Elementor Blocks

How to Create Headers and Footers

Design, Build, Web

learn Elementor online with Dave Foy

Dave Foy has attained almost legendary status amongst non-coder web designers, thanks to both his easy-going teaching style and his wealth of knowledge on all things web design.

His Elementor tutorials are superbly detailed and focused on real-world scenarios that every web designer will come across at some point of their web design journey, luckily Dave has all the answers.

Design Build Web tutorial videos:

Create a Landing Page in Elementor

Elementor PopUps, tutorial and review

WP Tuts

by Paul Charlton

WP Tuts is the go-to YouTube channel for all things WordPress and as Elementor is such a big part of WordPress web design nowadays, all things Elementor as well.

Paul C, the man behind WP Tuts is a professional web designer with a wealth of knowledge about using WordPress to quickly and effectively create stunning looking web sites, utilising the latest plugins and innovations for this popular web design platform.

WP Tuts sample tutorial videos:

How to use Elementor without a theme.

Custom WooCommerce pages in Elementor