SmartPhone Photography

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Nowadays most of us carry around a multi-function device known as a smartphone, handy for making phone calls and texting our loved ones but also for many of us the easiest and best way of taking photographs on the go.

Smartphone photography has improved dramatically over the last ten years with improved resolutions rivalling those of expensive DSLR cameras, add to that the introduction of back and front-facing cameras and your mobile phone becomes the weapon of choice for taking those all-important selfies.

However, any camera is only as good as the photographer behind the lens, learn how to take professional-looking photographs utilising skills and techniques that the experts use such as good composition, lighting and exposure that will take your smartphone photography to the next level.

The Art of Mobile Photography

Discover your own creativity today!

Mobile photography has become the brave new frontier of creative imagery, the smartphone that you carry around every day has the potential to create exciting, dramatic photographs that any professional photographer would be proud of.

In his course, the Art of Mobile Photography Justin Balog will teach you how to capture those special images that you will be proud to share with your family and friends.

The skills and concepts you will learn in this mobile photography workshop you will be able to apply to all of your photographic needs throughout your entire lifetime.

If you are just discovering photography for the first time by the end of this course you will see the world in an entirely new, creative way, you will become aware of the beauty and light that surrounds you every day, seeing the world through the eyes of a photographer searching for that special shot.

Although this unique photography course is taught on a mobile device the lessons learned will serve you well along your entire creative adventure, whether you are happy to stick to your smartphone or invest in a modern DSLR camera the skills learned in the Art of Mobile Photography will serve you well no matter what type of camera you own now or in the future.

Enrol today and join over 1,400 students already learning how to take better photos with their smartphone.

iPhone Photography Course

Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone

Learn how to take better photographs on your iPhone with professional photographer, videographer and award-winning YouTuber Dale McManus.

Throughout this course, you will be shown lots of example images, screen recordings and graphics to better illustrate the course material and to keep you engaged from start to finish.

What you will learn:

  • Setting up your iPhone for photography
  • Shot composition
  • Creating depth
  • Utilising surrounding light
  • Professional editing on your phone


The course is designed for anyone who wants to become a skilled photographer and develop a more impressive portfolio or social media presence, without spending money on expensive cameras and lenses.

Free Smartphone Photography Training

improve your smartphone photos in a weekend

Previously a paid course but now available for FREE this incredible smartphone photography course from veteran photographer and educator Mike James will teach you how to stop taking mere snapshots with your phone and start creating photographs with that all-important WOW factor.

Suitable for both IOS and Android devices, the course will empower you to feel confident in getting the most out of your phones default camera, allowing your images to tell a story and literally pop off the screen.

In just one weekend you will learn how to best utilise the common features your iPhone or Android device has to offer, as well as the harder to find hidden features that will propel your photography to the next level.