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There is no doubt that technology has revolutionised the world of photography, no longer does a photographer have to worry about film and film processing to create great-looking images, digital photo’s can be displayed on-screen, printed, saved, altered, sent, and archived using digital and computer techniques, without the use of chemicals.

However this does bring new challenges to the aspiring digital photographer, all of this technology requires new skills to be learnt, whether you are a complete beginner or simply want to improve your digital photography skills, our online courses will get you up to speed fast.

Learn how to use light to your advantage, how the correct shutter speed and aperture settings which will dramatically improve your photographs and how to use the latest computer technology and software to manipulate, print and refine your images.

A digital single-lens reflex camera also referred to as DSLR or Digital SLR cameras are far more complex than the cheap point and click cameras on the market today and to get the most out of the extra features on offer will require some training.

Digital Photography for Beginners with DSLR cameras

Learn how to take stunning photographs

Digital Photography for Beginners is a course that will help to drastically improve your photography skills.

Taught by Villiers Steyn, a professional photojournalist and photography teacher, who over the past decade has taught thousands of new photographers the principles and techniques of DSLR photography.

As you work your way through this best selling photography course, you will no longer feel intimidated by the vast array of buttons and dials on your camera, in fact, you will know exactly how and when to change the most important settings which will allow you to capture sharp, colourful images that look as beautiful as they did in real life.

Not only will you master the settings of your camera but you will also start to look at the world around you through new, more creative eyes and as a result, your photos will become even more striking.

The course contains 54 lectures that consist predominately of video clips, explaining photography principles either in the studio or in the form of a slide show with examples.

The first half of the Digital Photography Course for Beginners is all about the technical side of DSLR photography looking at the equipment available and various settings. The second half of the course covers the artistic side of photography discussing light, composition and creativity.

The ideal student for this course is any beginner photographer with a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera and of course the desire to take better photographs and best of all you don’t need any prior experience.

Enrol today and join over 8,000 enthusiastic photography students already creating better photos.

Fundamentals of DSLR Photography

Learn Digital Photography Online with Justin Bridges

Digital photography as a discipline has witnessed an exponential rise in popularity over the last ten years, thanks to ever-increasing resolutions, better equipment and instant results.

However, becoming an accomplished photographer is not just a case of pointing and clicking, digital cameras are great but they are only as good as the photographer who is doing the shooting.

The Fundamentals of DSLR Photography is a course suitable for both the absolute beginner and for those who already have a working knowledge of digital photography but want to take their skills to the next level.

The course is taught by New York based fashion and portrait photographer Justin Bridges who will give you a thorough grounding in digital photography, from the basics such as lighting, exposure and composition to more specialised areas such as portraiture and urban photography.

Introduction to Photography

Course by: Ben Long

The Introduction to Photography Course starts by walking you through the parts of your camera and discussing what makes one type of camera different from another, from there you will work through some basic configurations to make sure your camera is set up for successful shooting and then you will dive into the basics of exposure, the skills learnt here will stay with you for the rest of your photographic career.

Your instructor Ben Long will then ask you to complete some simple assignments designed to teach you about light meters, autofocus, composition, portraiture, flash basics and best shooting practices.

Finally, you will take a high-level look at post-production and outputs so you can make intelligent choices about what kind of post-production software you will require.

The course is aimed at the absolute beginner who has no technical understanding of the process involved with taking pictures. The beginner who is interested in getting serious about their photography.

By the end of this Introduction to Photography Course, you will understand the terminology and theory that will form the basis of all future, more advanced photographic study.