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Have you ever asked yourself what it is that makes you want to photograph nature? For many the answer is very simple, you have a love of the outdoors and a passion for nature.

If you were born with a love of remote, wild places, breathing proper fresh air and admiring mother nature in all her glory, then landscape photography is certainly for you.

However, in order to create awesome looking landscape photographs, you need to really connect with your environment, even if that means climbing up that hill to photograph down into the valley or getting up at the crack of dawn to capture that great lighting.

Becoming a photographer who can create fabulous images, doesn’t happen overnight, it takes many years of endless learning and continuous practice.

We have selected some of the best landscape photography courses available on the internet today, that will help you get started or hone your existing skills in this rewarding and enjoyable pastime and vocation.

Ultimate Guide to Landscape and Nature Photography

Created by Charlie Borland

Would you like to take your landscape and nature photography skills to the next level? This course will guide you step by step to creating stunning nature photography.

Your tutor for this popular photography course is Charlie Borland, professional photographer and the creator of several best selling online courses. The Ultimate Guide to Landscape and Nature Photography is highly interactive, with demonstrations and challenges built into each chapter.

Charlie will guide you through all the ins and outs of landscape photography then take you out into the field where he will personally demonstrate the techniques and strategies presented in the lectures.

You will then be challenged to go out into the wild blue yonder and practice those same techniques yourself.


What you will learn:

  • Camera basics, lenses’ equipment and accessories
  • How to capture that perfect exposure
  • a creative approach to photographic composition
  • the magic of quality light
  • Processing your digital files using LightRoom

Join over 3,500 students already enrolled and doing what they love the most, going out and photographing nature.

Landscape Photography: Creating Visual Eloquence

create amazing landscape photographs

Learn how to take terrific photographs with full-time professional photographer and instructor Emanuele “Manny” Pontoriero.

Manny will show you how to use composition, lighting, filters and lenses to create stunning landscape photographs that have visual eloquence. He will take you out on the road for some terrific examples of how to combine different techniques to create stunning landscape photographs.

Learn how to give your photographs the WOW factor, photos that people will remember two, three or even ten years down the road because they are so visually stunning.

Landscape Photography Master Class

A-Z guide for successful Landscape Photography

The Landscape Photography Master Class is divided into several sections that are arranged to take you from the basics to expert level as quickly as possible.

Each section incorporates theory and practical examples so that the student can master the concepts and techniques as they work their way through each level.

The course also contains practise sessions and quizzes that will challenge you to think independently as you acquire an in-depth knowledge for landscape photography.

Course Sections:

  • How does a camera work?
  • Camera equipment for landscape photography
  • Photographic filters
  • Qualities of a good image
  • Important camera settings
  • Knowledge and planning
  • Practical Tips
  • Nighttime photography
  • Post Processing


If you are a total beginner or an intermediate landscape photographer, the Landscape Photography Master Class will help you improve your skills and expertise behind the camera.