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From producing fan art to share on Deviant Art to creating covers for comic powerhouse Marvel, Australian born artist and graphic designer Patrick Brown has built up a legion of fans and followers who appreciate his eye-catching, powerful style of graphic art.

Born and raised in Burnie, Tasmania, Patrick began drawing at the age of five and through his formative years drew inspiration from his love of video games, in particular, the classic, glossy imagery of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), a style that Patrick began to imitate and which he says “gave me direction and really introduced me to the digital world, so I used Photoshop and I would just start and just try my best and it just went from there, then over time I just really started to push it further because that style was quite simple and I really wanted to do more with it so I started to treat it like as if I was into comic art, I would say like the comic artists would probably do Spider-Man or something like that, I would start to go in that direction of bold outlines, strong colours and a bit more excitement in poses”.

Patrick’s love of art and design earned him a job at the Examiner newspaper as a graphic designer and it was at this time that he discovered he could share his work to a worldwide audience through Deviant Art. It was through this exposure that the Australian artist first attracted the attention of Marvel Comics.

Patrick Brown at Marvel Comics

from fan art to cover artist

Patrick began posting his fan art pieces to Deviant Art on a regular basis, influenced heavily by popular culture such as movies, comics and video games and revelling in the positive feedback his artwork was attracting.

However, it was one piece of fan art in particular that garnered the attention of Marvel Comics as Patrick explains “ actually I did a piece of fan art on Guardians of the Galaxy because I really dug that movie and it was that piece of artwork that I’ve had in my gallery that obviously went out to the world, anyone could see it and yeah it caught the eyes of Marvel and next thing I know I just got an email out of the blue, they were basically just asking me to you know work for us, let’s start your career we would love to have you on board.”

So that was that Patrick began working at Marvel, mainly producing visuals for merchandise and packaging material but he has also created some awesome covers for major titles such as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Deadpool.

Venom Artwork

your favourite superheroes venomised

In preparation for the forthcoming Marvels Spider-Man: Maximum Venom TV show premiering on Disney Now, which comprises of six animated one-hour specials, featuring our favourite web-slinger going into battle against the symbiotic supervillain known as Venom.

Patrick has been working on some promotional posters for the show, which feature venomised incarnations of our favourite superheroes including Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Groot amongst others, which he kindly shared on his Facebook Page for us all to enjoy.

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Art of Patrick Brown - the Book

video game art and character design

art of patrick brown book

Described as the ‘worlds first interactive Video Game Fan Artbook’, this impressive tome by digital artist Patrick Brown published by Mad Artist Publishing, delves into the world of video game art and character concept design.

Drawing inspiration from classic video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Assasins Creed and Uncharted, the book is an awesome collection of video game fan art by the renowned Australian artist.

Unfortunately, the poor design and layout of the book does mean that some of Patrick’s artwork is obscured by the binding, an unfortunate oversight by Mad Artist Publishing.

However, for any fans of Patrick Brown, the book still provides a fascinating insight into the world of character game design and remains a constant source of inspiration to any prospective illustrator.

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Digital Art Tutorials by Patrick Brown

video game art and character design

How to Draw and Paint Tony Montana of Scarface

Marvel artist Patrick Brown walks you through his process of drawing and digitally colouring a video game character, as he creates his version of Tony Montana of Scarface fame.

Starting with a simple pencil sketch which is scanned into Photoshop, Patrick covers how to outline your character and his way of using Photoshop to digitally colour and shade his creations.

An impressive insight into Patrick Browns unique and dynamic art style and a must watch tutorial for any aspiring artist or illustrator.

Spider-man PS4 art time-lapse

Watch in awe as the indomitable Australian comic book artist Patrick Brown recreates the PS4 version of The Amazing Spider-Man.

This particular version of our favourite web-slinger featured a new and exciting costume created exclusively for the PlayStation game which was one of the fastest-selling games of 2018 and one of the best selling PlayStation games of all time.

In this speed-art tutorial, Patrick shows how he transforms a simple pencil sketch into a digital masterpiece using only Photoshop and his unique artistic talent.

Patrick Brown Digital Art Course on Skillshare

characters in a scene sketch to digital

patrick brown skillshare

In his latest Skillshare Course Characters in a Scene, Sketch to Digital which is a follow up to his first class on Skillshare entitled Characters in Motion, where the Marvel artist had shown you his pencilling and sketching process, the latest course by Patrick Brown goes full digital and shows you the complete process of creating a full-colour digital image from an initial sketch.

Patrick shows you his entire process for creating a piece of digital fan art as he re-creates an image based on the video game from Naughty Dog called The Last of Us.

The Australian based graphic artist will walk you through creating clean, sharp line work and how to colourise your scene, he also talks in-depth about his shading and lighting process, as well as how to paint a fully detailed background.

During the course, you will be encouraged to create your own fan art based on a scene from your favourite movie or game or even a character from your favourite TV show.

A fun, detailed course brought to you by an internationally renown, professional Marvel Comics artist, that will take your digital illustration skills to a whole new level.

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