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Free Space and Sci-Fi Assets for Blender

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Space travel and exploration have always been a source of massive inspiration for artists, from nearby heavenly bodies such as the Moon and Mars to imagined far-flung alien habitats that challenge our very perspective of reality. The incredible beauty and mystery of the Universe allows the artistic imagination to run wild with thoughts of exotic spacecraft, surrealistic landscapes and strange alien life forms that push the very boundaries of human creativity to their limits.

To inspire and assist with your next science fiction or science fact art project, the Graphic Assembly has curated this collection of the best, free space and sci-fi fantasy assets available today, from stunning space backgrounds and free HDRI maps to detailed free 3D models and landscape generators’ suitable for use in the popular and free 3D application Blender.

Free Space HDRI's

light up your space scene in Blender

free space hdri blender

Finding quality, free space backgrounds that can also dynamically light your 3D scene has always been a challenge for Blender 3D artists, until now that is.

Thanks to the very talented VFX and concept artist Marcos Barrios Muñoz, also known as the PixeledAsteroid to his loyal YouTube followers, who has released this stunning pack of six free, high-resolution HDRI environments, complete with baked-in lighting and shadow information, suitable for Blender version 2.8 and above.

Perfect for when you need to illuminate the dark side of the Moon or provide an inspirational backdrop for other planetary landscapes.

Free Space Models for Blender

by Blender artists for Blender artists

Ever wish you could quickly and easily add spaceships, satellites and planets to your 3D space scene, without spending hours and hours on modelling them yourself?

Well, there is no point reinventing the wheel every time you need to populate your latest space environment when there are so many quality, free, Blender Space Models available for download, thanks to the talent and generosity of the incredible Blender community.

Space Exploration Pack

from Beam Studios

space exploration pack

The Space Exploration pack from Beam Studios is specifically designed to help you create space environments, without wasting valuable time modelling and texturing a ridiculous amount of objects. With the Space Exploration Pack for Blender, you will be able to create a variety of different space stations, using 3D kitbash modules such as solar panels, probes and other space station like structures.

However, not only can you build an unlimited amount of space satellites but the pack also includes everything you need to create a human space colony on the planets surface, objects such as living quarters, glass domes, supply containers and communications antenna are also incorporated. Not to mention actual terrain models such as mountains, canyons and desert planes that are also included in the pack.

Just to make the Space Exploration Pack as complete as possible, Beam Studios have also modelled and textured a collection of your favourite planets to use in your space scenes, such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and of course the blue planet itself Earth.

All in all, a wonderfully comprehensive 3D space package that covers all of your space exploration requirements, all for free, which makes the Space Exploration Pack an essential download for sci-fi artists everywhere.

Free Blender Spaceship Models

free Blender space rockets

SpaceX Falcon Heavy

SpaceX has dubbed the Falcon Heavy “the most powerful rocket of all time” and who are we to argue?

It also makes for a very impressive Blender 3D model, fully textured and available as a free downloadable .blend file from Blend Swap.

Space Shuttle Low Poly

Probably the most recognisable of spacecraft the reusable Space Shuttle as used by NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

This low poly Blender version comes complete with side boosters and fuel tank.

Saturn V Rocket

The rocket that won the space race and started mankind’s exploration of the Universe. The Saturn V was responsible for safely transporting Neil Armstrong to the surface of the Moon.

Now available as a highly detailed free 3D model from Blend Swap.

Free Planet Textures

high-resolution textures for Blender

planet textures free

Re-creating accurate 3D models of Planets, Moons and other celestial bodies relies heavily on the quality and variety of the textures being used. Usually, a basic colour map is not enough, a normal map and possibly a displacement map will also be required to add depth and atmosphere to your 3D creations.

Fortunately, NASA has curated a huge library of Planet textures and images which are available for digital artists to download and use as they see fit with no licensing restrictions whatsoever.

Exclusively for Blender users, there is also a plethora of talented artists and programmers who are constantly creating amazing textures and shaders for our favourite piece of 3D software and releasing them for free into the public domain.

CGI Moon Texture Kit

direct from NASA

free moon textures

Rendering a crater accurate representation of the Moon has never been easier, NASA the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of America has released a collection of colour, elevation and displacement maps based on actual Moon data that will enable you to recreate the Moon as it actually appears in the night sky as a 3D model within Blender or in any other 3D application.

These stunning images were made possible thanks to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or LRO, a robotic spacecraft launched by NASA in the summer of 2009 which now orbits the Moon at an altitude of between 50 to 200km mapping the Moons surface thanks to its two onboard Narrow Angle Cameras which are capable of capturing black and white images and multi-spectral images of the lunar surface in high resolution.


download NASA Moon Textures here

Create the Moon in Photorealistic 3D

Blender Tutorial for beginners

Create the MOON in Photorealistic 3D
Play Video

If you are new to Blender or are unsure how to texture objects and models within this totally awesome and free 3D application, then let Steve from CG geek walk you through step by step how to use NASA’s Moon textures to create a highly detailed photo-realistic representation of Earths only natural satellite.

Not only will you learn the basics of texturing and using material nodes in Blender but also a wealth of handy tips and tricks to making your Moon model and other Blender Models stand out from the crowd.

Realistic Earth in Blender

Easy Blender Tutorial

The only Earth modelling tutorial you will ever need, create an awesome 3D model of planet Earth using free 6k textures and the impressive Planet Shader, both created by Blender artist and YouTuber Christopher Fraser.

Your finished model will not only render beautifully in both Eevee and Cycles but will also include realistic lights that turn on when certain parts of the Earth are in darkness.

A superb Blender Tutorial for anyone who wants to create convincing Earth renders and animations.


Play Video

Hopefully, by now you will have everything you need to create amazing Space and Sci-Fi Scenes in Blender but be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we will be including and reviewing the most recent and up to date FREE Blender Space and Sci-Fi assets as and when they become available.

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