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For a long time now, Adobe Illustrator has been the de facto application for vector illustration. That is until Serif released Affinity Designer onto an unsuspecting world in October of 2014, exclusively for Mac OS. The overwhelming success of Affinity Designer on the Mac prompted Serif to release a Windows version as well and a real alternative to Adobe Illustrator was born.

Cheaper than Adobe Illustrator and with features never seen before in a vector drawing application, such as the ability to paint in pixels as well as draw in vectors, Affinity Designer is quickly becoming the go-to application for digital art and design.

Making the transition from Illustrator or indeed Photoshop if you use it exclusively for digital painting, should be pretty straightforward but if you are new to Serif Software an online course can rapidly bring you up to speed with this amazing piece of software.

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The Complete Guide to Affinity Designer

Created by Jeremy Hazel, Video School Online Inc

Are you an aspiring Graphic Designer? Or are you just looking for a viable alternative to Adobe’s expensive Illustrator and Photoshop software? Then by downloading Affinity Designer for Mac or PC, either the trial version or the ridiculously inexpensive full-blown application, you are well on your way to creating vector and pixel-based art without expensive monthly subscriptions.

Taking your first steps with a program as comprehensive as Affinity Designer can seem a little daunting at first, so getting first-class tuition right from the beginning can save you many hours of needless frustration.

Video School Online was created in 2012 by Phil Ebinar and now boasts over half a million students learning creative skills such as photo editing, motion graphics and even cinematography.

For this course, Phil has partnered with Jeremy Hazel, a professional artist and graphic designer, who will be walking you through all the tools and personas that Affinity Designer has to offer, such as:

    • creating advanced and basic shapes
    • understanding the line and path tools
    • using fills and gradients
    • using different brushes
    • stylising your artwork so that it looks exactly as you imagined it

With over ten hours of content and dozens of downloadable resources, along with real-world projects to work on, you will quickly become confident and comfortable using Affinity Designer like a pro.

Affinity Designer Crash Course

Created by Brad Colbow

The best way of learning any new software is to dive in, get your hands dirty and start using it for practical, real-world applications, instead of pontificating and theorising forever and a day.

That is exactly the philosophy of freelance designer and illustrator Brad Colbow, who will guide you through this fun to watch, light-hearted Affinity Designer Course, where you will learn all the necessary techniques to create a complex Zombie poster design.

Starting with a basic sketch, you will learn about basic shapes, gradients and all the tools you will need to create a professional piece of artwork that will amaze your friends and family.

Get up to speed fast with the Affinity Designer Crash Course.

Vector Logo Design in Affinity Designer

Created by Daniel Evans

Do you want to stop wasting time and discover how professional designers create proper logos with minimal hassle and learning?

Then let Daniel Evans an award-winning logo designer from the North East of England show you the way.

Learn the entire process of professional logo design, from initial concept to finished digital product, leaving no stones unturned.

Explore every tool and primary feature of Affinity Designer, which you will use to create solid business brands that make money.