Character Concept Design

Design Characters for Games,
Comics and illustration

Telling a story through your art or illustration skills relies heavily on creating characters to convey that story. This is especially true if you are creating characters for the game, film, TV or comic industries, where a great character can be the difference between success and failure.

But how do you create characters that are believable, lovable and most importantly popular?

Taking an online character design course will get you up to speed fast, as you learn the character design process and workflow from design professionals who have worked in the industry or still work as professional character designers.

Even if you have clients waiting or you are designing characters for fun, taking an online course can save hours of frustration trying to piece together the information you require from sporadic online sources.

Learn what it takes to be a great character artist step by step, with a structured online learning course.

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Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing

Learn How to Draw Character Designs Professionally

Wouldn’t it be incredibly cool to find an Online Character Design Course, that focused on the key art and design theories and principles you need to know to take your character design to the next level?

Well in this comprehensive, in-depth and thoroughly rewarding character drawing course, you will learn everything you need to make your character designs come to life and become more professional and convincing.

Whether you are a complete beginner or already have some drawing experience, you will learn all the skills required to design imaginative and appealing characters no matter what your drawing style or level of expertise.

No matter if it’s your ambition to design characters for animated films, comics or video games, the Character Art School will equip you with the in-depth, foundational and advanced drawing skills you need to bring you up to speed fast.

How badly do you want to draw well? Do you have the passion and dedication to reach your dreams? If the answer is yes, join over 50,000 students who have already enrolled in the Character Art School, Complete Character Drawing Course.

Character Concept Design for Beginners

Design Characters for Games, Comics and illustration

Character Concept Design for Beginners is a little different from most of the character design courses available today, in that, it is not an illustration course, or a 3D modelling course, although these subjects are touched upon, this course assumes you are already familiar with basic anatomy and digital drawing techniques.

What this course will teach you, is the workflow and process required to create convincing characters either from your own imagination or from a clients brief.

Learn the actual framework and mechanics of creating characters in a professional environment, from the original concept to creating thumbnails and presenting your finished ideas, either to a paying client or as part of your creative portfolio.

Character Design for Video Games

Created by: California Institute of the Arts

Learn how to create engaging characters predominately for the exciting and rewarding world of video games, with this four-week course created by the California Institute of the Arts.

Your instructor is Fran Krause illustrator, animator and instructor, who will guide you through the skills required to become a master game character designer.

After learning the principles and foundations of character design in week one, the course then becomes a masterclass, following three professional artists at work in their respective studios.

Watch as Andy Ristaino (Adventure Time), Jacky Ke Jiang (Journey), and Robert Ryan Cory (SpongeBob SquarePants), work their way through different design challenges such as; how to move and animate game characters, the intricacies of facial and bodily expressions, and the technical limitations of game design.