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Logo design is a very difficult skill to master, encapsulating a company’s ethics and ethos in a simple easy to remember graphic image, that looks great on the web as well as in print can take even the best graphic designer years to master.

Having the right tools for the job should also be of primary concern when it comes to logo design. It is fairly pointless creating a logo in bitmap-based software such as Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo unless you are very confident that the logo you design will not be used at large sizes, such as on posters or billboards.

The reason for this is that bitmap images are made up of pixels and when a pixel-based image is enlarged the individual pixels that make up the image are also enlarged creating undesirable, jagged, blurry edges. This does not happen with vector-based images as the software uses mathematical descriptions to ensure that lines and curves will always render at the optimum resolution.

For many years the only realistic choice for creating professional vector images and logos was Adobe Illustrator. That is until Serif Software released Affinity Designer, breaking Adobe’s stranglehold on professional-grade design software forever.

So carry on reading to learn how to create a vector logo using Affinity Designer.

Make a Modern Logo in Affinity Designer

tutorials by: Affinity Revolution

Grasp the basic concepts of modern logo design using Affinity Designer, learn how to create and manipulate basic shapes, get to grips with the rounded corner tool and discover how boolean operations work, in these beginner-friendly logo design tutorials brought to you by Ezra Anderson of Affinity Revolution.

What you will learn:

  • how and why to convert objects to curves;
  • smooth corners using the corner tool;
  • create and duplicate groups
  • how to cut out shapes using boolean operations
  • create new shapes using the pen tool
  • how to duplicate and transform shapes


Check out the Affinity Revolution YouTube channel for more great Affinity tutorials.

How To Create A Sports Logo Design in Affinity Designer

tutorial by Rhino Nation

Would you like to create a professional-looking sports logo for your school or favourite team?

Then let Gary Nunn from Rhino Nation walk you through the steps involved in creating an amazing looking sports logo using Affinity Designer.

Learn how to convert fonts to curves for greater flexibility, create and manipulate Bezier curves and knock out areas of your design to allow for greater legibility.

Create a resizable vector sports logo that would look great as a kit design, t-shirt or even a baseball cap motif.

Affinity Designer: Simple Logo Tutorial

A brief tutorial covering several common tools in Affinity Designer

Learn how to create a simple but effective logo using several common tools found in Affinity Designer.

Logo design doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, the best logos are often very simple designs that represent a brilliant idea.

However, recreating that idea into a tangible form that other people can appreciate requires some knowledge of the basic tools found in programmes such as Affinity Designer.

In this tutorial, Shay Smith shows you how to use simple built-in shapes that come with Affinity Designer and combine them with basic text to create an easy but very professional looking logo in minutes.

GAME LOGO using Affinity Designer

Create a vector logo for an app store game

Designing a good app logo is imperative if you want your game or utility to stand out from the crowd in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store and what better way to do it than creating it with the Affinity Designer App for the iPad?

Turn your iPad into a fully-featured graphics tablet by downloading Affinity Designer for iPad. Work anywhere and everywhere inspiration strikes with professional-grade software, even when you’re away from your desk.

Let Jhonatan S Silva guide you through using Affinity Designer for iPad as he recreates the classic Pokemon Go logo and a brand new Zombie Game design.

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