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Alan at the Graphic Assembly Office

About the Graphic Assembly

Hello and welcome to the Graphic Assembly, an online magazine dedicated to the art of visual communication.

The site is curated by former lithographic printer and part time web designer, illustrator and occasional blogger Alan Mason, who resides in the ‘almost’ picturesque city of Kingston upon Hull, located in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

Having had a deep rooted fascination with the graphic arts for many years I felt it was time I started writing some of this stuff down and sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for print, digital art and web design.

I am currently trying to improve my skills in Affinity Photo/Designer, WordPress/Elementor and Blender, as these skills improve I hope to share my learning process with readers of this blog and hopefully point you in the direction of courses and resources that you may find useful in your thirst for knowledge of all things digitally creative.