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If you are new to the world of 3D modelling, you might have heard the name ZBrush but are maybe not quite sure exactly what it is or possibly unclear about what this amazing piece of software can actually do.

In a nutshell, ZBrush is the industry-standard 3D tool for any kind of organic style modelling, for example, lifelike computer-generated characters that you will come across in video games or movies.

Unlike most 3D software that relies on primitive shapes and polygons, which is great for the more industrial type of models such as cars, architecture, bottles and the like, ZBrush focuses on sculpting more organic features such as faces and anatomy using virtual clay in a more artistic rather than technical sort of environment.

ZBrush is laser-focused on 3D sculpting, which means that it is not as versatile as applications such as Maya or Blender but for character design and concepting in a 3D environment, ZBrush is way out in front and the market leader in this field.

Sculpting in Zbrush

Ultimate Zbrush 3d sculpting course for beginners/intermediate!

ZBrush by Pixologic is the industry-standard creative tool for 3D character design, used by major game creators and the top movie studios to produce believable computer-generated characters who inhabit fantastical worlds that have universal audience appeal.

However, for the budding 3D artist ZBrush at first glance can appear to be a daunting, intimidating piece of software that could possibly take a lifetime to master and make no mistake the learning curve for software of this type is very steep indeed and not for the faint-hearted.

Getting well informed, constructive and entertaining instruction at the very start of your journey into the world of 3D sculpting can save hours and hours of frustration, struggle and despair. Milivoj Popovic has a masters degree in traditional sculpting and has been creating digital content since 2002, he is also co-founder of the award-winning digital design studio Lemonade 3D.

Milivoj is an incredibly talented 3D artist and his course Sculpting in ZBrush has been designed to get you from absolute beginner up to a professional standard as quickly as possible and give your career as a 3D artist a huge bump-start.

Save time learning how to use the software and get creative in the least possible amount of time, with this best selling ZBrush digital sculpting course.

Introduction To Sculpting In ZBrush

by Ryan Kingslien

Although ZBrush works with virtual clay in a simulated environment the principles and processes involved are almost identical to working with a real sculpture, with real clay in the physical world.

Ryan Kingslien is a traditional artist who has embraced digital art but teaches core creative skills that not only apply to real-world applications but also to their digital equivalents.

Ryans unique teaching style approaches ZBrush through the eyes of the artist, the sculptor, who is more focused on artistic expression than the technology behind it.

Join over 2,000 students who are already enrolled on this course and start creating works of art in ZBrush today.

Female Character Creation in Zbrush

Learn to sculpt the female body, clothing, accessories and weapons

Take your sculpting skills to the next level with the Female Character Creation Course by Gameloft character designer Nikolay Naydenov.

The course assumes you have some working knowledge of ZBrush and is aimed at the 3D artist looking to get to grips with character design.

As you work your way through this best selling character design course you will learn how to model an attractive female warrior, complete with clothing, accessories and weaponry all created in ZBrush from start to finish.

This course is designed for intermediate 3D modelling students who wish to create beautiful, production-ready characters for games and speed up their ZBrush workflow, as well as improve their anatomy and general modelling skills.