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If you are old enough to remember the Commodore Amiga range of computers, then you will realise that Cinema 4D from Maxxon computers has a heritage dating back to 1993 when this easy to use 3D modelling, rendering, painting and animation software was unleashed upon Commodores discerning Amiga users.

Unfortunately, despite having one of the best selling home computers of the late eighties and early nineties, Commodore ran into financial issues and ceased production of the Amiga in 1996.

This forced Maxxon to stop producing Cinema 4D exclusively for the Amiga and revision 4 of this innovative application became available for the PC and Mac in 1996. As the Commodore Amiga disappeared into obscurity Maxxon Cinema 4D established itself as an affordable solution to the creation of 3D motion graphics, video game visuals, product design concepts and CG illustration and was adopted not only by the home enthusiast but by major corporations such as Blizzard Entertainment, Sky, Walt Disney and many more.

Ease of use has always been one of Cinema 4D’s major strengths but as with any software of this complexity it can appear daunting to the beginner 3D artist, as a result, we have collated some of the best Cinema 4D courses available online today that will get you up to speed fast using this innovative 3D application.

Cinema 4D MasterClass

ultimate guide for beginners

Learn Cinema 4D with Ozgur Gorgun one of the few Maxxon certified Cinema 4D trainers in the world today and also an award-winning filmmaker and motion designer in his own right. 

In this Cinema 4D Masterclass you will learn about the foundations of Cinema 4D, covering topics such as the interface, preferences, navigation and the project settings. You will then start exploring some key concepts, such as modelling, lighting, texturing, animating and rendering.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create beautifully rendered still images and animations.

Cinema 4D has a great deal more to offer so be prepared to be blown away by what this incredible piece of software has under the hood and join the almost three thousand students already enrolled.

Learning Cinema 4D

by linked in learning

This course has been designed to give you a firm foundation of how Cinema 4D actually works so that you can be confident to take on more challenging projects in the future.

Maxxon has really concentrated on workflow in this latest version of Cinema 4D, learn about the new licensing options and changes to the interface as well as useful techniques and different ways of setting up your projects that will guarantee success.

You will also learn how to manipulate simple 3D objects in the 3D workspace and add lighting, materials and render effects to create images that you can be proud of.

From there you will be taught a full 3D production pipeline from importing artwork created in Adobe Illustrator through the fundamentals of modelling, animation, lighting and working with materials and cameras to finally rendering out your finished project.

Intro to Cinema 4D

Getting Started with 3D Design

Cinema 4D is an amazingly powerful 3D tool that lets you make art that can be used in pretty much any visual medium. This class has been designed to get you started at the ground level of Cinema 4D showing you the basics of the interface, creating textured 3D objects then how to light, animate and render them out for final use.

This class is for anyone who is interested in learning this awesome piece of software, whether they have used it before and require some clear instruction on the basics or even complete beginners new to 3D modelling.

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you will already have access to Cinema 4D Lite, which is a limited version that lets you use a lot of the basic functions. Most of the material in this course will be relevant to the Cinema 4D Lite user.

During this course, you will be exploring many of the different features this stunning piece of software has to offer using everything you have learned to eventually build a 3D model spaceship.

Once you have finished this project you will be able to find your way around all the major areas of the software and have the skills to create a huge variety of 3D art.