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voxel art

Voxel Art a Beginners Guide

What is a Voxel? As you are probably aware a pixel is short for picture element, the smallest part of an image that can be displayed on a TV or a computer monitor. A

free hdri environment map

Top 5 Websites for Free HDRI Environment Maps

For the purposes of CGI and 3D modelling, an HDRI is a 360-degree panoramic image which contains brightness data. HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging which refers to the amount of light a

photobashing art techniques and examples

Photobashing: Is it Art? Techniques and Examples

What is Photobashing? Photobashing is a technique used by concept artists and matte painters to speed up the process of creating photo-realistic artwork, generally used in film production and game design studios where the

types of digital art for beginners

Types of Digital Art: A Beginners Guide

From cave painting to painting with light, the artistic evolution of the human race has been rapid, to say the least, with the new kid on the block Digital Art probably stirring up the

free space sci fi assets blender

Free Space and Sci-Fi Assets for Blender

Space travel and exploration have always been a source of massive inspiration for artists, from nearby heavenly bodies such as the Moon and Mars to imagined far-flung alien habitats that challenge our very perspective

free digital art software beginners

Best Free Digital Art Software for Beginners

As soon as you mention Digital Art and the tools needed to create it, most people will instantly think Adobe Photoshop and while Photoshop is an incredible, versatile program for creating digital works of

Learn Digital Art, Web Design, 3D Modelling and Photography Online

Blender is a one stop shop for all things 3D, having dedicated workspaces for modelling, sculpting and painting, 2D illustration, animation and rigging and even video editing. Learn how to use this impressive FREE 3D application today.

There is no doubt that technology has revolutionised the world of photography, learn how to use the new range of Digital Single-Lens Reflex ( DSLR ) cameras, with the best online courses available to the aspriring photographer, start learning today for fun or profit.

Telling a story through your art or illustration skills relies heavily on creating characters to convey that story. This is especially true if you are creating characters for the game, film, TV or comic industries, where a great character can be the difference between success and failure.